Pierce Brosnan is returning to his cinematic macho side. The Co. Meath-born former James Bond has reportedly joined the cast of the popular Expendables franchise, nabbing one of the leads in The Expendables 4 which will start shooting later this year.

Sly Stallone, who created the action films, returns of course, as does Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham. Brosnan won’t be the only newbie on set, with Dwayne Johnson and his former WWE mates Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin all down for roles as well.

The Expendables 4 opens next year. In the meantime, Brosnan posted the photo with this piece on his Facebook page with a New Year’s caption to “make par, not war…2016.” Tell that to Donald Trump!

Watch the trailer for the movie Expendables 3: