Really have to question the scheduling of games on July 4 weekend. It’s awful easy to jump on a bandwagon, but this was a head scratcher if ever there was one.

The junior hurling contest between Ulster and Bronx was played but the numbers were shy in it. What was supposed to follow was a senior hurling contest between last year’s champions Tipperary and Long Island Gaels.

Tipperary did not have a side to line out against this year’s table toppers which left for a weird situation if ever there was one.

For some unknown reason New York still goes with the old, old rule of the team getting the walk over needs to get a score. The ball was thrown in and moved swiftly down the field to the full forward line. It was dispatched to the empty net for the win! Hilarious.

It’s alarming, however, that last year’s champions did not have a side for the fixture, or that the New York GAA would even schedule the game with that scenario at hand. Anyway, forward the day went with the few spectators on hand definitely scratching their heads.

The final game was between Mayo and Armagh in the intermediate football division -- at least on paper that was it.

First the game was announced for 4 p.m. but that didn’t happen. In fact at 4:40 p.m. Armagh were more than ready but no sign of Mayo.

Finally the press was told that the game was off, with Armagh utilizing the time for a training session. The day was finally over, but alas four hours of a beautiful weekend were wasted at Gaelic Park.

What is the lesson learned? Well, all the websites were still showing the games on as early as minutes before arrival to the park. That needs to be addressed.

How the public gets their information also needs to be looked at. Complete confirmation on the availability of teams for their fixtures also needs to be addressed.

Any fines or penalties can still be given out, but at least the public could be spared the waste of valuable time and money.

Last Sunday can be a lesson learned. Let’s hope that is how it will be, and not the opposite.