Kerry/Donegal 7-16  Fermanagh 0-2 

Cavan will be joined in the Kearney Cup final by Kerry/Donegal, who had an easy win over Fermanagh in the second ladies semifinal. 

It was one way traffic from the early moments in this home-based player competition.  Denise Dunnion, Courtney Treanor and Marie Dargan were outstanding up front, able to pick off scores at will. Indeed such was their dominance that all three players took an early break to allow for the bench to empty. 

Michelle McVann, Amanda McGovern and Kerrilyn O’Keefe made it very difficult at the offensive end for Fermanagh with little in the way of breaks going their way. The one goal chance they had in the hour, Deirdre Maher stopped. Tracey Ann McCullough and Caitlin Slattery battled throughout but the hill was too high to climb on this occasion. 

Fermanagh: 1 Marie Claire Devlin, 2 Annie Kelly, 4 Roisin Toner, 5 Kiera O’Reilly, 6 Tracey Ann McCullough, 7 Clare Phelan, 8 Lara Lee McCullough, 9 Caitlin Slattery, 10 Caitlin McGuigan, 11 Joanne Levine, 12 Maeve Redmond, 13 Mary Harney, 15 Leah Phelan. 

Kerry/Donegal: 1 Deirdre Maher, 2 Amanda McGovern, 4 Kerrilyn O’Keefe, 5 Sarah Walsh, 6 Michelle McVann, 7 Jenny Kirby, 8 Linda McKeon, 9 Jenny Moran, 10 Denise Sorahan, 11 Courtney Treanor, 12 Clare O’Neill, 13 Denise Dunnion, 15  Marie Dargan.  

Player of the Game: Jenny Moran. (Kerry/Donegal) 

Referee: Eugene Kyne.