Rap queen Nicki Minaj will forever be a hero to a teen boy from Donegal who she embraced onstage during her show in Belfast last week.

New Yorker Nicki was so touched by her superfan, 14-year-old Danny McGahey, that she posted video on her Instagram page that went viral, even picked up by People magazine here.

Danny was bawling crying when he met his idol. He could barely get the words “I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long” out of his mouth before Nicki gave him a hug and placed his teary head on her bountiful chest.

Not surprisingly Danny instantly perked up, and his eyes exploded at the sight of NM so close and very personal. The video is hilarious. The lucky kid even got to bust some moves with Nicki’s dancers, and he definitely wasn’t out of place.

Minaj had a pretty funny take on her encounter with Danny. “Look at how he stopped crying wen he laid his head on dem thangz. They have real power beaming out of them that can cure the sick,” she wrote on Instagram.

A day later she posted a screen shot of herself and Danny (and dem thangz), right next to a likeness of the Blessed Virgin and the Baby Jesus. Dan the Man, not surprisingly, has become a mini-celeb in that Ireland, appearing on the radio and newspapers.

What’s with his Nicki worship? The poor thing was a bullying victim, and her music, he said, “helped me through a tough time.”

NM headed to Dublin the next day and called another Irish fan to the stage – in between flashing her bare butt and running around with an Irish Tricolor. “I'm not kidding I'm deeply in love & madly obsessed with Ireland. There's something so radiant about their energy. I had the best time with u guys tonight, Dublin,” she wrote on her Instagram.