One Direction star Niall Horan has a nephew. Little Theo Horan just turned one last week. Theo has his own Twitter account with nearly 300,000 followers.

And to commemorate the cute blond tot’s first b’day, his parents issued a commemorative coin that fans can buy for around 35 bucks.

Yep, the world is definitely a crazy place to be sometimes.

Where to begin? Let’s start with the kid’s Twitter, which is voiced in perfect English even though he’s barely a year old. “Morning all my Directioners feeling tired this morning thank you all xxx for my birthday memories,” Theo “posted” on July 17.

The child of Niall’s enterprising older brother Greg and his wife Denise who still live in the family hometown, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Theo hops on Twitter when he’s tired, when he’s happy, when he’s on holiday, and when he wants to show off cool stuff that he gets from Uncle Niall, like the mini-car he’s tooling around in for his b’day. Theo’s gotta be the most techo savvy, English proficient one-year-old in the world!

But the real kicker is the coin lark. And apparently Uncle Niall is the inspiration behind the latest One Direction money-spinner.

“My uncle just contacted my mum and suggested a coin with my head on one side and a love message on the other. WOW,” Theo wrote on July 7.

Wow is right, Theo! Uncle Niall was also clever enough to cover his tracks so as people wouldn’t think he was being too greedy.

“He says we should put some money aside from this to give to children's charities. My uncle is so nice and considerate,” Theo wrote.

Awwwww! And what do the gullible – sorry, devoted -- fans get for their £19.50 sterling? The brass coin will be 20 carat gold plated, can be posted anywhere in the world . . . and Baby Theo will follow all buyers on Twitter if requested. Why, the Horans will even hit the road from time to time to surprise lucky fans with hand-delivered coins!

The Horans announced the ordering details with the Twitter message “We have white smoke. Great news.” You can’t make this stuff up!

Sure it’s nice to see that charity clearly begins at home for Niall!