GOP presidential contender Chris Christie is known for liking to hang with celebrities, and a new book about the New Jersey governor details his partying with Bono during a trip to Jordan of all places.

American Governor: Chris Christie’s Bridge to Redemption, by Matt Katz, isn’t complimentary to the Garden State’s CEO. It details Christie’s lust for power and access to the rich and famous, including his friendship with King Abdullah of Jordan, who he met at a party hosted by former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

The odd couple took their bromance to Jordan in 2011, when the king invited the Christie family to stay in a five-star hotel on the Red Sea, compliments of the kingdom, writes Katz.

Bono also happened to be in the neighborhood, “and the king, the governor and the rock star partied all weekend. At one point, Christie shared the mic with Bono in a duet of “Hotel California,’” a Sunday Daily News report on Katz’s book said.

“The Irish rocker remained a friend, with Christie even texting Bono after the U2 singer’s disabling bike wreck in Central Park.”

Bono is an honorary advisory board member of the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund that Christie’s wife Mary Pat leads, and Christie boasted to an audience in 2013 that Bono has his wife’s cell.

“I don’t know about other men in this room but I want to ask you if you would be a little jealous if you heard this on your wife’s cell phone, ‘Hello beautiful, just checking in on you. This is Bono,’” Christie bragged.

“Bono from U2 – the lead singer from U2 – has my wife’s cell phone number, is calling her on it just to check in and is calling her beautiful. I don’t know,” he said.