Supermodel Naomi Campbell is known for many things besides her work on the world’s runways – throwing phones at assistants, beating up police officers, etc., etc.

Many moons ago, around 1993-‘94 to be precise, Campbell was also engaged to U2 bassist Adam Clayton. They obviously never made it to the altar but Naomi has nothing but good memories, according to an interview she gave to Ireland’s Sunday Independent.

"I have good memories of Dublin! I won't discuss my private life. I only have very positive things to say about [Clayton]. I am very proud of Adam,” Campbell told interviewer Barry Egan.

Campbell is still a part of the U2 orbit; the night before the interview in Dublin she spent with her friend Ali Hewson, also known as Bono’s wife.

"Good memories," she says of U2. "I went to see the concert in LA, and I'm friends with the whole band. The whole band were great. Their kids are all grown up. It's nice to know people for so long and still have a relationship.”

Campbell is spending a bit more time in Ireland these days thanks to her new two-year sponsorship deal with Newbridge Silverware. (And who doesn’t love Newbridge Silverware!) The British-born model signed on as spokesperson for the new Blue Box campaign Newbridge plans to launch.

"I have known of this brand for a few years; for about five or six years now," she says.

"I love that they've got so many different designs, and so many things that they do … My particular concept that I'm working with them on is this surprise, delight and the Blue Box. So you can open it up and find anything surprising in it -- anything, in terms of a gift."