A 23-year-old woman charged with possession of a gun and intent to endanger life Traveller family feud attack

A 23-year-old woman, Charlene Donovan, has been charged with possession of a gun and intent to endanger life following the shooting of an eight-month old baby was injured along with his mother and a teenage boy.

Eight-month-old John was shot by a gunman as his family was erecting a Christmas tree. The mother, Lynn Doyle, 29, was also hit by the shotgun blast as she held her baby in a car outside their home at Parlickstown Gardens, Mulhuddart, Co. Dublin.

The baby’s 17-year-old uncle, Matsie Collins, was also injured. All three were treated in hospital for injuries which were said to be not life-threatening.  The baby was reported to have been injured by up to 30 pellets.

A 23-year-old woman is due to appear in court. It is believe the incident was part of a feud among Traveller families at Parslickstown Gardens in Mulhuddart.

A woman's due in court following Monday's triple shooting in Mulhuddart https://t.co/T8QP8goS2L pic.twitter.com/dxtUgFcWgN

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The baby’s grandfather, Arthur Collins, told reporters at the shooting scene, “All we were doing was putting up a Christmas tree, and the next minute, bang bang bang bang bang.  For nothing.

“My son was on the ground, my baby grandson was shot into the face and into the body.

“To tell you the truth, I thought it was bangers. I ran out, I seen her holding the baby, I seen my son on the ground.

“Is it gone that far now that they’re going to kill children before they kill people? This has to be the lowest of the lowest that I’ve ever come across in my life.”

He said the feud started some time ago over a boy and a girl that ran away.

Garda Superintendent Liam Carolan said the arrested man was held in custody on suspicion of possession of ammunition.

He added that the woman was holding the child on her right hip when both of them were struck by pellets from a shotgun.

Despite the grandfather’s claim that the baby was shot in the face, Carolan said the pellets struck his lower body.