Mike Tyson was banned from London last week after new U.K. immigration laws prohibit those who have served more than a year in prison from entering, and his fate could be similar in Ireland next March when he’s due in Dublin for a show.

Tyson, of course, served three years in prison after a 1992 rape conviction. These days he’s performing a one-man show directed by Spike Lee called Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth, which is also airing on HBO.

The former champion boxer with the tangled life is due in Dublin on March 27 for a performance of his show at the Olympia Theatre. But Irish law is similar to U.K. rules when it comes to jail sentences – anyone who’s done time for a year or more is subject to a ban.

“We would not comment on the details of an individual case but that’s the law and it’s the same for everybody,” a Department of Justice spokeswoman told the Irish Independent last week when asked about Tyson’s prospects for landing on Irish soil.

All the premium seats for Tyson’s Irish show, priced at over $200 a pop, have sold out, so there will be plenty of disappointed fans if he’s turned away.