Looks like Mickey Rourke is still trying to get a film made about a gay Irish rugby star.

The project, titled Irish Thunder, was featured as a “market listing” at the recent Cannes Film Festival, says the London Sunday Times. It’s been in development since 2010 and was originally supposed to be a biopic about the former Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas.

Now, however, Rourke is down to play Mick “the Blade” Collins, “an absolute legend in the athletic community and widely accepted as the number one performer in professional rugby,” according to the listing.

It’ll be some transformation to turn back the clock and make the 62-year-old rather withered looking Rourke look like a youthful rugby star, but these days anything’s possible.

Rourke’s Irish cred is definitely not in doubt. He was a big supporter of a united Ireland back in his day and even lent his support to the campaign to free IRA prisoner Joe Doherty, who was jailed for several years in New York at the behest of the British government which wanted him deported.