Michael Jackson’s untimely death in 2009 deprived the world of many things, including the possibility of a show in which he would have starred with Irish dance king Michael Flatley.

The Lord of the Dance told Piers Morgan for his British talk show that he and Jacko were talking about combining their respective talents for an extravaganza that would have undoubtedly been amazing.  They were talking about the possibility right up until MJ’s death.

“Once he came to my house, he had just turned 50 and we were born the same year. I said, ‘Why don’t we do something together and we’ll call it 50/50,’” Flatley told Morgan.

"We were that close to it happening and it broke my heart. It would have been a dream. Michael was such a great performer.”

Michael shared a bit too much information on the show when he told Morgan that cops nailed him speeding in a new Ferrari in 1998 – but they didn’t cop on that his passenger was performing a sex act on the star.

“I told the truth that it had been my dream to own a Ferrari and got a fine,” he said. “They never knew about the woman, though!”