A Memorial at the entrance to Coyne Park was unveiled last week to remember the life of Kalie Gill, the Irish teenager who was tragically killed by a car with mechanical problems in October of 2013.

A large crowd gathered to pay tribute to Kalie, who spent part of her life in Co. Leitrim before returning to New York with her parents Damien and Karen, and two sisters. Her younger sister Lindsey suffered serious injuries in the accident, but has made a full recovery.

Lindsey and eldest sister Jamie Gill were on hand for the ceremony, as were their parents. Karen Gill paid an emotional tribute to her daughter.

“You will never be forgotten Kalie. You will always have a special place in our hearts. We thank God you were part of our family for 15 amazing years,” she said.

“This memorial represents how much Kalie is loved and will always be a part of this community.”

Kalie and Lindsey Gill were run over by a Jeep driven by a local teacher who lost control of the vehicle. The girls were attending a carnival at Coyne Park. Kalie was a sophomore at St. Barnabas High School.

The local Irish community rallied around the Gill family and hosted a large fundraiser in December of 2013 to help defray the medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident.

Karen Gill remembered when a toddler Kalie first saw her new sister Lindsey.

"When Kalie, then age two, seeing me holding Lindsey in my arms, she turned to Jamie, with an anxious eye, inquiring, when's that baby going?" she said. "That baby and her sister, Kalie, had an inseparable bond."