Some questions for the Irish media:

1. Why is the establishment media so hostile to radical new ideas in this beleaguered country?

2. Why do those, such as Sinn Fein, the United Left Alliance, etc., who advocate such obviously sensible ideas as standing up to greedy bankers and applying a proper tax on high incomes and wealth (the norm in most successful European countries) get dismissed as "economic illiterates?”

3. Is the media conservatism because most media presenters, pundits and owners are very wealthy and would have to pay their fair share, instead of calling for yet more cuts to be imposed on hard working people?

4. Why are these clear conflicts of interest never declared?

5. Didn't the failure to listen to alternatives to the cozy consensus lead us to "where we are"?

6. Will we ever learn?

Dr Sean Marlow
Dublin, Ireland