DURING the recent visit to Ireland by the Queen of England, President Mary McAleese in her wisdom extended invitations to five Ulster Defense Association (UDA) and Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) brigadiers to attend a wreath laying ceremony by the Queen at Islandbridge.

Jackie McDonald, one of the UDA/UFF brigadiers invited to the ceremony stated, "This represents progress and is a reward for work being done.  Others could learn from this."

In recently seen court transcripts, one of the UDA/UFF brigadiers invited to this ceremony was named as having been involved in the planning of the Greysteel massacre in Derry in 1993.

Would McAleese extend the same welcome to the families of those murdered in Greysteel by the UDA/UFF, and listen as they speak of their loss and how it has impacted on their lives and the lives of their extended families? 

Would they be as warmly welcomed as McDonald and his brigadiers?  Would she embrace them and be as comfortable with them as she appears to be while in the company of McDonald? 

Will she be as supportive of them as they continue to seek the truth, as she appears to have been when arranging the visit to Ireland by the Queen of England? 

Will collusion and state sponsored murder be on their agenda?  Others could learn from this!

J. Parker
Belfast, Northern Ireland