Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager who captured the heart of the world – but, bizarrely, no Nobel Peace Prize – spoke to the Sunday Times in London last week about her whirlwind life since miraculously surviving a bullet to the head delivered by the Taliban in retaliation for her activism on education rights for women.

Last month Malala was in Dublin to receive an award from Amnesty International which was given to her by Bono. The U2 star shook Malala’s hands, apparently a big faux pax from where she comes from, and she wasn’t shy in calling him out.

“That’s totally against our culture,” she told the Times about the handshake.

Malala was also fascinated by Bono’s signature shades. “Can you imagine -– he was wearing sunglasses at night,” she remarked.

Malala’s brave dad also sat in on the interview and laughed. “I can protect you against the Taliban, my dear, but not from Bono,” he said.

Malala wasn’t being nasty about Bono, a spokesman for the Pakistan Welfare and Cultural Association told the Irish Independent.

“A girl shaking hands with some man, it is not possible in the society and culture where she comes from,” he said. “That’s what she is referring to, and making a joke of it.”