Dancing isn’t Michael Flatley’s only skill – he also knows how to make sound investments.

Take his recent real estate transaction in London. The forever Lord of the Dance netted a cool profit last month after unloading his Knightsbridge townhouse that he purchased 10 years ago for £3.2 million.

Sale price? £7.3 million. Ka-ching!

The Georgian-style townhome sounds like it’s worth it, at least if you’ve got that kind of cash to drop. It’s got five bedrooms, roof terraces and access to a communal garden square.

Michael and his family – wife Niamh and son Michael Junior, eight – will hardly be homeless in London. They upgraded to a £20 million mansion in Eaton Square, another trophy property to add to their portfolio which also includes Castlehyde in Co. Cork, and spreads in the Bahamas and Beverly Hills.

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