Colin Farrell was back home in Dublin last week for a few days, mixing business with pleasure. He attended the Irish premiere of his film The Lobster, which has earned stellar reviews, spent time with his family and gave plenty of interviews which show how much the former “Lusty Leprechaun,” now 39, has grown up.

Farrell has been clean and sober for seven years, and single for six. His priority these days is parenting his two children, 12-year-old James and Henry, 6, both of whom live in Los Angeles. But he admits that he’s open to the idea of love, and admits he hasn’t been totally celibate since breaking up with Henry’s mother Alicja Bachleda Curus.

"I'm single. For six years now. I may not have been alone every night in bed for whatever that is, you know 20,000 nights. There go my maths, I didn't do the Leaving [Cert] you can tell!” Farrell told The Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy last Friday night.

"No reason why, just whatever way life unfolds. I haven't exactly been proactively looking for someone but between working and traveling, it sounds like a cop out, but between working and traveling and being at home with two fellas that I want to be there for.

"Don't get me wrong, if I met someone tomorrow you know, your life expands accordingly, as does your heart, and you find moments and you find evenings and you get a babysitter and all that jazz. So it's not like a hardship…it's just I've been content and busy with my two lads and working away."

The boys are the light of Farrell’s life. Henry “is deadly. He’s a torture. He’s too smart…I can’t keep up with him. He’s a lovely little fella.”

James was born with Angelman Syndrome, and is only learning to walk. Colin has been an advocate for other families coping with similar circumstances. “James is great. He’s a terror as well. They’re lovely little lads. I like them well, both of them,” the proud daddy said.