MY dear father, an exiled Corkonian, was an activist in the IRA during the Troubles, and unlike Presidents Clinton, Bush, Jr. and Obama was no sofa samurai, having been awarded several medals for valor.

He was also a close personal friend of the martyred Lord Mayor of Cork Terrence McSweeney, his brother and their mother.  In fact, my first cousin is married to the first cousin of McSweeney.

In 1957 my father returned to Ireland and visited an embittered and tear-filled Mrs. McSweeney, who said that her son’s sacrifice was wasted and scantly appreciated, especially by Corkonians. How truly prophetic!

To ALL (no exceptions) defilers of the faith, enamored of Missy Liz’s in the dear Mother Ireland – Perfidious Albion, the vampire on the continent, spits in your face and you merely call it mildew.

John Keenan
Bronx, New York