Liam Neeson has been doing his bit to promote "The A-Team," the big-budget remake of the 1980s TV show that may be best known for turning Mr. T into a household name.

The movie premiered in LA last week with an over-the-top spectacle featuring an army tank that cruised down Hollywood Boulevard en route to the famed Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  All the stars reunited for the photo-ops, and from the sound of things they seem to have formed a genuine friendship on the set.

"Well it's a big studio movie and it's a franchise film. And I thought it was a terrific script, wonderful cast, where no egos were jostling for position. It was just, 'What's the best we can do in each scene?', you know? It was lovely,” Neeson said.

Not that it was an easy experience to take part in the many stunts and explosions that feature in the film. 

“I tore my rotator cuff in the first week just bursting through the van on the opening sequence coming to save Bradley (Cooper’s) character. So I had a dead arm for like three months. It was awfully painful.  But the guys rallied around. I don’t think you’d notice,” he says.