Steve Jobs tanked at the box office here, but at least its star, Michael Fassbender, made a new friend in Kate Winslet.

Winslet co-stars with Fassbender in the biopic about the late Apple co-founder, and they’re currently in Europe promoting the film which opens there this weekend.

"I have truly never come across an actor as professional as him. I have really never seen anything like his preparation. He had his head down, no fuss; he just got on with it. And you know he is a little Irish scrapper,” Winslet told Ireland’s RTE.

"I wanted to have his back a little bit as it was such a difficult role for him and the amount of dialogue that he had was unusually challenging."

Steve Jobs has been pretty much pulled from theaters here after only a few weeks. Universal withdrew it from more than 2,000 screens last weekend, and now it’s only in a few hundred across the country. It’s domestic take is a paltry $16.6 million, which will likely kill any Oscar hopes and send it to DVD sooner rather than later.