Irish singer Catherine Harding – stage name Cat Cavelli -- is best known for being Jude Law’s latest baby mama. The 23-year-old Tipperary native gave birth to his new daughter in March, and though she’s no longer with Jude (he has another youngster on his arm these days), she says he’s been a hands-on dad.

“She looks like Jude massively, she doesn’t look like me,” Cat told The Mirror last week.

“Jude is really funny and sweet. I remember last week he came over and he had to change her on the park bench. He cleaned her all up.”

Jude, 42, wasn’t in the London hospital for the birth, but he has brought his new littlun to meet her four older half-siblings.

“The birth was really painful, I only wanted my mum there. It was a C-section. It was really horrible. But he came straight after and was really amazing,” says Cat, who lives in London with lots of help from Law, who she had a brief fling with last year.