Looks like things are all good again between Jim Carrey and his gorgeous Irish galpal Cathriona White. Carrey, 53, was in New York last week to guest on one of David Letterman’s last shows – and tagging along was 28-year-old Cathriona, who was pictured with her man on a few occasions walking the city streets hand in hand.

The makeup artist – whose Twitter handle @littleirishcat says she’s an editor at Bellus Magazine – has even influenced Carrey’s recent style, as the funny guy was pictured wearing a blue Tipperary hurling jersey, his GF’s native county.

Cat, as she likes to be called, was first linked with Carrey in 2012, but they called time on their romance a year later. A native of Cappawhite and one of six siblings, she moved to LA and worked as a makeup artist, hair stylist and sometime actress.

She must have kept in touch with Carrey, as they seem to be back on as a couple. Though her Instagram didn’t say that a photo she took of a private plane in New York last week was Carrey’s, we’ll assume that to be the case,

“I did go out with an Irish girl. We're not seeing each other anymore. But she is lovely,” Carrey was quoted as saying in 2013.