Christian Grey is here, and ladies around the world are embracing – kind of – the first official photo of Northern Irish actor/model Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, star of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie based on the wildly popular trilogy of sexed-up novels.

The still of a moody looking Dornan as Christian was released last week on the "Fifty Shades of Grey" Facebook page, and not surprisingly reaction was mixed.

“This guy looks too old to play Christian Grey,” said an obviously blind Facebook commenter, while others were more complimentary.

One VIP who won’t go out of his way to see the movie when it opens next February is actor Don Johnson, the "Miami Vice" vet who’s the dad of "Fifty" co-star Dakota Johnson, cast as Grey’s obsession Ana.

"It's not something I would go to anyway," Johnson recently said. "I probably will not see it just because it's not a movie I would see. I've never seen "The Vampire Diaries," I've never seen "Twilight." It's in a category of films that I just wouldn't be interested in."

Nothing like a supportive dad cheering on his girl in her first big film role, right?!