Bringing the bondage loving Christian Grey to life in this year’s Fifty Shades of Grey movie did wonders for Jamie Dornan’s profile…or perhaps not, if the latest rumor surrounding the Northern Irish star is true.

Dornan was due to feature in Bradley Cooper’s film Burnt, which opens next month. But The Sun reports that Dornan’s scenes wound up on the cutting room floor because the film might not be taken seriously with a Fifty Shades star.

What is true is that Dornan’s role was cut, a spokesperson for the Weinstein Company confirmed.

"Jamie's role was a small cameo that was part of a back story and following the editing process is no longer part of the film," said the flak.

The Sun, though, says the real reason was that Dornan would remind critics of Christian, and that’s a no-no when vying for awards like Oscars.

"It's embarrassing. Being in Fifty Shades of Grey seems to be getting Jamie dropped from movies which he had already been cast in, rather than landing him big new roles," a source told the tabloid.

"Some people thought having him pop up on screen would be distracting. They're hoping to generate Oscar buzz with Burnt, and featuring the star of the most widely panned film of 2015 wasn't going to do the project any favors really."

Dornan seems to be a low-key, down to earth guy, and he also stars in a critically acclaimed TV drama in the U.K., The Fall, available on Netflix here. So it’s hardly likely that his breakout role in Fifty caused him to be dumped. Didn’t producers check his resume before they hired him?

In any event, he doesn’t seem too upset. The Co. Down native was pictured with his wife Amelia Warner and their daughter Dulcie soaking up the sun in Ibiza last week.