Paul Byrom, one of Ireland’s premier tenors, has partnered with The Gathering Ireland 2013 and Tourism Ireland as an ambassador of Irish music on Ireland’s global outreach initiative. 

In 2013, Ireland is opening its arms to friends and family from all over the world, calling them home to gatherings in villages, towns, and cities during this yearlong celebration of everything Irish. 

Byrom has released a music video featuring his performance of the song “My Land,” from his critically acclaimed album, This Is the Moment, as a means of inviting approximately 70 million individuals of Irish descent to come home in 2013. 

Byrom’s performance of “My Land” reflects the undeniable charm and intrigue Ireland offers to the expected hundreds of thousands of visitors that will return to the land of their ancestors in 2013. 

The song was written by Brendan Graham, whose accomplished, extensive repertoire includes the popular song, “You Raise Me Up,” a song Byrom has previously recorded and performed during his years as a member of the vocal ensemble Celtic Thunder. 

Graham’s expressive lyrics along with Byrom’s emotional rendition of “My Land” make it easy to see why families, groups and towns have already adopted this song as an anthem for their own Gathering.

Not only has Byrom partnered with The Gathering Ireland 2013 as an ambassador of music, but he is hosting his own gathering as well. He relocated to New York in 2010 and says, “After being away from home for so long now, I am extremely excited about going back to Ireland for my own family gathering. 

“We have a major occasion this year in our family where friends and relations will return home from all over the world to celebrate with us. That, of course, is my wedding. Both Dominique Coulter and I are extremely proud to be Irish, and we couldn't think of anywhere else in the world to get married!”

Byrom exemplifies the art of a classically trained tenor with a dash of contemporary influence, coupled with charming, Irish wit and a penchant for enthusiastic storytelling. His talent as a tenor has taken him far and wide, and some of the many highlights of his career to date include performing for many dignitaries such as Irish President Mary McAleese, Emperor Akihito of Japan, and most recently for President Barack Obama. 

Byrom was a member of the critically acclaimed show Celtic Thunder, a male vocalist group made popular on PBS television stations, and toured continuously in the U.S., Canada and Australia for several years. 

Byrom has since returned to his solo career and has been invited to film his own solo PBS program (music directed by Phil Coulter), scheduled to be broadcast on national television across the U.S. in mid to late 2013. 

Visit for additional information, including upcoming tour dates and performances.  For his Gathering video, click here

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