Donald Trump’s campaign for president hasn’t impressed one of his old Irish friends. Rozanna Purcell, Miss Ireland for 2010 who also competed in Trump’s Miss World competition, got quite friendly with the GOP front-runner, but thinks he’d make a lousy prez.

"I would be very surprised if he became president of America…I think that a lot of the things he's running his election on, I'd be really against so I hope he won't [win],” Purcell, 25, told an interviewer from radio station RTE 2FM.

The Donald thought Rozanna was a feast for the eyes at his pageant and wasn’t shy about saying so at the time. “Miss Ireland was beautiful, really beautiful,” Trump said during an appearance on David Letterman’s late night show.

He even offered her a modeling contract after her seventh place Miss World finish, and Tipperary native Rozanna moved to New York for a time to pursue a career with Trump Models. But she’s not listed as a model for hire on the agency’s website, so the affiliation must have ended.

"Obviously, when I met him during Miss Universe, he was always very nice to me. I was from Ireland, I wasn't trying to sneak across the border or anything like that,” said Rozanna.