I URGE every Irish man and woman to read page 18 of the 40 page PDF file drafted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)/EU masters.

It states under iii Structural Reforms: “Transfer of responsibility for water services provision from local authorities to a water authority, as appropriate with a view to start charging in 2012/2013.”

What this really means is that ordinary Irish citizens will have to pay for water beginning in 2012.  The transference of water from local control to an “authority” will pave the way for privatization of water, probably to a U.K. or French private corporation.

Irish people will be under the control of foreign shareholders in accessing their own water!
Another “reform” will be gas and electricity, again with the long-term view of forcing the Irish people to sell off the ESB, Irish Gas Board, etc.

No longer will Irish people have control over their natural resources. Instead some behemoth in another country will control the distribution and price of precious and necessary resources.
These are real reasons the IMF and EU want to further push debt on Ireland.

Page 20 recommends lowering tax credits and increasing property tax, further squeezing the middle classes.

These are just some of the menu items on the IMF’s list of “reforms.” A more “flexible” labor market is also sought, a euphemism for ensuring people work harder for less.

The end result is a creation of a dependent population on IMF handouts, a compliant government that represents and shields the very people that wrecked the economy, and an increase in the number of serfs in the economy.

By gutting social services and increasing the retirement age, Irish government officials via the IMF will ensure that older people pay more and work longer.  These were the very people who through sacrifice and effort created the “Celtic Tiger.”

As I have written in several letters to this paper, Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Brian Cowen was the finance minister at the dawning of the Celtic Tiger. He needs to be impeached for financial treason and large numbers of protesters need to block his entrance from Dáil Éireann immediately!

A.P. Ó Máille
New York, New York