Unthinking Health Service Executive (HSE) officials have asked terminally ill MS sufferer Marie Fleming to prove she is still sick to qualify for a new medical card.

The brave 59-year-old’s condition made headlines internationally when she failed in a landmark case earlier this year to make assisted suicide legal in Ireland.

Her partner, Tom Curran, has described as ludicrous the request from the HSE.

Curran told RTE on Tuesday that he replied to the HSE request to let it know that nothing had changed. Then he was asked to fill in another form detailing Fleming’s medical situation.

He then received further correspondence looking for proof of her medical condition.

Earlier this week he told the Irish Daily Mirror, “She nearly died last night. She could die at any minute but the HSE still want proof that she is sick before they renew her medical card.”

Curran also revealed he may have to take his own life if he helps her to die.

He said he is prepared to ignore the law to end his beloved Marie’s pain after an agonizing 15-year battle with the disease.

The 65-year-old told the tabloid, “Of course I’m scared. I don’t want to go to prison at this time of my life and I don’t know if I could cope with an investigation and a court case.

“Taking my own life is something I have thought about. My family don’t want that but my life revolves around Marie so what would I do without her?

“The other thing is the grandkids. I mean how would we ever explain to them that grandad has been charged with killing granny?”

The HSE has said that a review form was issued as part of routine procedures, and that when it was made aware of Marie Fleming’s situation it immediately took steps to ensure eligibility for the Medical Card remained in place.

Former university lecturer Marie is so ill she is unable to take her own life and she is afraid her partner will be prosecuted if he helps her to fulfil her wish.