Hozier – and his videos – keep getting hotter and hotter. The 24-year-Irish breakout singer just dropped his new mini-movie “Someone New,” which co-stars Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer.

There’s no romance between the two despite the speculation. Hozier from Wicklow has a career that’s on fire now, so he just doesn’t have the time for romance.

“I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment; I live out of a suitcase, and that’s not very conducive to a relationship. But I’m not lonely, because I’m very close to my band and when you live on a tour bus, you’re really in each other’s pockets,” he told the new issue of Vanity Fair.

Hozier’s single “Take Me to Church,” one of the biggest of 2014, is all about tolerance and acceptance. And if the Catholic Church doesn’t like it, well, that’s fine too.

“I would love to get in trouble with the Catholic Church. I’m not religious myself, but my issue is with the organization. It’s an organization of men—it’s not about faith,” he told VF.

“I don’t want the song to be considered an attack against faith, but when you have people feeling ashamed of themselves because of sexual orientation, or put themselves at risk by people telling them what [not] to put on the end of their penis, well, you wouldn’t tolerate that from a company, or a government.”