Possibly the most honest car saleswoman in the country has come to light after advertising her car for sale on Done Deal, which she says is the “worst car in the world.”

With an increasing number of female con artists in Limerick being exposed in recent weeks, car owner Lorna O’Connor is nothing but honest in her attempts in trying to sell “this heap of crap.”

Her funny and brutally honest ad is going viral online, with some 300 likes on Facebook, over 100 shares and well over 15,000 views and counting. However, over a month on the search to find a new owner is still proving elusive.

Her car has 108,742 miles on the clock and she has advertised it for sale for €650. She said her 2003 1.4 liter five-door hatchback Renault Megane, which she bought in 2010, “is a complete let down.”

The inspection has been up since January of last year and it has failed the test of road worthiness four times as she can’t locate the wire for the water in the wipers.

“I need rid of this as I’m down to the last of my sanity and near a serious mental breakdown,” O’Connor wrote on the ad.

“I don’t know if anyone will buy this heap of crap but I won’t know until I try to sell it either as a whole car or for parts. I haven’t washed it as I feel it doesn’t deserve it!”

In the past five years since she bought it, O’Connor said it has suffered every breakdown possible, but it has always been fully serviced. She said she put in two new tires and found out the steering rack now needs to be replaced.

“So now I have this heap of crap that needs more money (€300 for rack and labor) and it’s not even worth it,” she said.

“It is the bane of my life! I need a divorce from it or I’ll end up in a mental institution from frustration and poverty. I dread bringing it to a mechanic as no sooner do I hand it in for one item, something else goes.”

It is due its fifth inspection test this June. “It previously failed on inner tie rod ends and emissions (all perfect now). It won’t pass over the steering rack that I’m not fixing. Probably the most honest ad ever!”