Two Christmases ago, tennis pro Caroline Wozniacki said yes to Rory McIlroy’s marriage proposal, though he quickly had a change of heart and called it quits a few months later.

Now, however, the Irish media is abuzz with speculation that RMc has finally found his perfect birdie in Erica Stoll, a 29-year-old lithe blond American who he’s been dating for the best part of a year.

Erica, apparently, is everything that Caroline wasn’t – a golf junkie who shuns publicity and likes to keep her private life private. Dublin’s Sunday Independent – always a great source for all things McIlroy – says that his family and friends agree that Erica is pretty much perfect, and that an engagement could be forthcoming.

"She's a really, really nice girl," the Indo’s source reports. "Very nice and down to earth and the one thing everyone is saying is how good she is for Rory. I wouldn't be surprised if they do tie the knot. You know the saying, when you know you know, and I think Rory is there now.

"She's met his family too. His parents are very fond of her. And she gels well with everyone. You'd be hard pressed to find a better match."

Erica, an employee of the US PGA Tour, first met McIlroy in 2012 when she helped get him to a Ryder Cup match on time after he mixed up his tee time. He was involved in a high profile relationship with Wozniacki at the time, though, and is thankful that Erica doesn’t feel the need to tweet or Instagram their every move.

“The lack of drama too, how supportive she is of his game and how genuinely obsessed with golf she was long before she met Rory means they have loads in common and Rory has a great balance in his life now. Where his game suffered when he was dating Caroline, Erica is the antidote to all that,” the Indo source said.

Erica was by Rory’s side when he hosted the Irish Open at his home course in Co. Down in May. She also completed the family picture with Rory’s parents when he won a big tourney in Dubai two weekends ago.

"I am very happy in my love life," McIlroy said earlier this year. "If everything off the golf course is good, it allows you to be better on it as well."