Amy Poehler treated herself to a massage/make-out session with Bono right in front of his wife and millions watching on TV.  Leonardo di Caprio can’t pronounce the name Philomena.  Michael Fassbender was an also-ran in the awards stakes, but at least he got to enjoy some pre-show manscaping with his make-up artist.

Sunday’s Golden Globes definitely had an Irish flair.  U2 brought home an award for Best Original Song for their contribution to the film Mandela which was presented to them by Sean Puffy Combs, or Diddy, or whatever the heck he calls himself these days.

Social media certainly noticed what we picked up on watching at home – Bono looked pretty disgusted when the buffoonish Diddy moved in for a hug.  Just Google their names and you’ll see a replay of the split-second moment when Bono turned his cheek – some sites even have it in slo-mo for better effect.  Priceless!

Diddy, clearly unable to take a hint, sidled up to Bono at the after-parties, posting a few pix of himself on Instagram at the U2 table with their new manager Guy Oseary.  Bono played the good sport and dutifully posed for pix, but we wonder what he was really thinking!

Globes co-host Poehler, of course, was all over the U2 frontman, and again we thought Bono looked slightly stunned when she turned a congratulatory kiss into a full-on make-out after she was named as winner in her category.  Poehler thanked him from the stage at the end, saying the best part of her night was getting to make out with Bono.  Indeed!

Poor Fassbender lost out in his highly competitive supporting actor category for his wonderful work in "12 Years a Slave."  It’s likely he’ll get another chance at glory when the Oscar nominations are unveiled later this week, but at least he took full advantage of a pre-party pamper session which was breathlessly covered by People magazine.

His long-time make-up artist Anna Bernabe had Fass moisturize with some fancy cream the night before and told him not to forget the most important part, his beard, which he’s grown out for his role in "Macbeth."

“Men with facial hair often tend to forget to moisturize underneath their beards. This is so important because those areas become very dry,” Bernabe advises. Hairy dudes take note!

Leonardo di Caprio won an award, but he still needs to brush up on other movies besides his own. When announcing nominees for best drama, he pronounced the Irish film "Philomena" as “Philo-mania.”  Guess he only learns his lines when there’s millions of bucks on the table.

Producer Harvey Weinstein would surely love a mania around his critically loved but little scene film about an Irish teenager who was forced to give up her child for adoption many decades ago, but "Philomena" was zip for three on the night.  At least Philomena Lee, whose story the film was based on, was in LA for a few days and got to enjoy some awards season buzz.

Colin Farrell brought his usual trusty sidekick, his sister Claudine, to the awards.  There was lots of heavy advertising during the show for his upcoming "Winter’s Tale," opening on Valentine’s Day.