Garth Brooks has unfinished business with Ireland. The country superstar was due to play five sold-out shows in Dublin’s Croke Park two years ago, but a severely botched concert permitting process, combined with angry locals around Croke Park who didn’t want fans swarming on five nights, put the kibosh on what would have been a record-setting engagement, and a huge boost to the local economy.

Garth, who loves Ireland and his legions of fans there, was ticked when he had to cancel the shows; so were his followers. But he wants to return.

During a Facebook chat last week, a fan asked if there was a place he hadn’t yet performed in but would like to. His immediate response was Ireland, even though he’s played there many times before.

"There's a place I haven't played yet that I've played before, if this makes any sense," he continued. "Dublin, Ireland. How can I say it any more than that?"

The hard feelings still linger from 2014, he told Billboard magazine. "I can tell you, next to losing my mom, that might have been the hardest day ever for me in music," he said of the day when the cancellations were official.

"That's how much it hurt. I just don't get it. To this day I scratch my head. I cannot figure this one out."

Clearly, Ireland hasn’t seen or heard the last of Garth.