What happens when Kim Kardashian comes calling asking if she can use your artwork for her website and app?

That’s exactly what happened Ellen McCann, aka Nelle, a native of Moate who now resides in Galway. She has been creating digital artwork for just over a year now and in that time alone has attracted the attention of Hollywood A-listers with her focus on celebrity and empowered women.

Her digital illustrations of the Kardashian clan were favored by Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and mom Kris, via Instagram and Twitter. Then one day Kim Kardashian West got in touch.

“A couple of weeks ago someone emailed me on behalf of Kim Kardashian. At first I thought it was a joke but later discovered it to be real," an excited McCann said.

"Anyway, they told me that Kim loves my illustrations and that Kim requested my artwork to be used on her website and app, Kimkardashianwest.com.

“Kim was looking to have an art section included on her website and wondered if it was okay to use my art. Of course I said yes,” continues Ellen, thrilled.

Not only is McCann’s work to be featured on Kardashian’s site, but it is the leading and primary piece on both the website and the app.

“Apart from earning front page on her website and being the leading artist, she also mentioned two other artists along side me, Hayden Williams and Ponyy Boyy,” McCann said.

“These other two artists are well-established and very talented. They’re basically celebrities themselves, so I was even more flattered that she placed me with those artists and to select my artwork as the leading piece over theirs. It’s all very exciting.”

- Westmeath Independent.