It's pretty clear that triple Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis will never be able to say “DON’T GET A TATTOO” to any of his three sons, given that he’s inked to the nines.

The eldest, 20-year-old Gabriel Kane Day-Lewis, is already full of tats, and regularly shows them off on his Instagram. Dad bared his arms last week too during a stroll in Greenwich Village, and the father-son resemblance really is uncanny.

Gabe enjoys putting himself out there, unlike his media-shy father who definitely does not have a social media link. Gabe, as we’ve told you here before, is a musician and a model who’s quite in demand, given his pedigree.

He dropped his first single, “Ink in My Veins,” a few weeks ago – his voice is surprisingly sweet – and he’s been featured in fashionable magazines like CR Fashion Book and Elle. On Friday he let his followers know that he’ll be in the next issue of Vogue’s Paris edition.

Daniel hasn’t been seen on screen since winning his third Academy Award for Lincoln in 2013. He and his wife Rebecca Miller have two younger sons, Cashel and Ronan, and spent part of the year at their place in Co. Wicklow, where Irish citizen DD-L has always felt most at home.