Result: Donegal 4-7 Monaghan 2-3

Donegal had the points before this senior football encounter commenced when Monaghan conceded, and they easily made that stand up with a dominant display. 

Early goals from Conor Lynam, Mickey Annette and a stifling defense completely controlled the encounter. James Connolly did have a Monaghan goal, but it was one of the few highlights for the side as they succumbed to their Ulster neighbors. 

Brian Cuilinane had a couple of excellent saves for the winners while Alan Hearty also impressed at the other end. Hard to stay on the heels when the game has no meaning. Kudos to both.  Shane Murrin, Ciaran Slattery and Steven Duffy were others that shone. 

Monaghan are having a rough baptism on their return to senior football. Lambe, Kelly and Deane all had moments.  

Donegal: 1 Brian Cuilinane, 2 Brian Breslin, 3 Michael Clarke, 4 Steven Cunningham, 5 PJ Flanagan, 6 Steven Duffy, 7 Tommy Moran, 8 Colin Evlin, 9 Shane Murrin, 10 Mickey Annette, 11 Ciaran Slattery, 12 Pater McNellis, 13 Niall Farragher, 14 Conor Lynam, 15 Dan Slovlin.

Monaghan: 1 Alan Hearty, 2 Michael McBrian, 4 Paul Lambe, 5 Dave Harvey, 6 Paul Farren, 7 Ross Connolly, 8 Sean Kelly, 9 Kevin Connolly, 10 Caoimhin O’Callaghan, 11 James Connolly, 12 Liam Deane, 13 Ruairi Molloy. 

Referee: Sean Jones.