Result: St. Barnabas 4-16  Sligo 0-6

St. Barnabas had an easy victory over Sligo when they completely dominated the final 50 minutes of this intermediate football contest, with the dual-headed monster of Brian Dennehy and Michael Travors in the full forward line accounting for 2-8 of their total all from play. 

With ten minutes gone the losers were sitting on a 0-4 to 0-3 lead, but that was as far as their play would take them. A 1-2 burst in the in the middle of the first half pushed the  winners ahead. 

Alarmingly for Sligo this came in quick succession from three kickouts in a row at the Yeats end. The goal was a Brian Dennehy low drive to the right corner after Liam Deane linked with the big full forward. 

Barnabas were clogging the defensive end with Conor and Eddie Hogan, alongside Niall Croke all doing excellent work. The elder Hogan in his first game of the day was a tremendous presence. 

Sean Reilly added a penalty goal when Dennehy was fouled while Travors also hit the net to close the half for the winners 3-8 to 0-4. 

It was easy going throughout the second half with Brian Givney adding the fourth goal in the third minute.  Despite a brace from Carter and Henry for Sligo the needed rebuttal did not arrive. 

Five further points were tacked on by the winners as Travors, Dennehy, the Hogans and McGovern all contributed handsomely to the win.  Travors had three of the points as he ran wild in the full forward line. 

Denis Kilkenny was also forced to be on his toes in his new role as keeper.  He harnessed three high balls to the square while also forcing two efforts for goal over the lathe.

Ronan Carter also battled hard against the saintly force, but the scoreline grew steadily for the winners. 

The battle for the intermediate title will certainly involve Eamonn Deane’s charges. They have a formidable squad put together. Impressively 14 of the 15 starters if I am not mistaken are American-born players. Schumacher, the Hogans, McGovern, Deane and Reilly all had impressive moments.  Travors and Dennehy were brilliant.  

Denis Kilkenny in two different roles, Carter, Henry and Flanagan (first half) were Sligo’s most prominent. 

Sligo: 1 Paul McDaid, 2 Tommy Brett, 3 Dean Connolly, 4 Denis Kilkenny, 5 Ronan Carter (0-1), 6 Paul Kelly, 7 Brian Glynn, 8 Michael O’Boyle (0-1), 9 Hugh Murray, 10 Brian Henry (0-1), 11 Alan Hanley, 12 Gary Dunne, 13 Brian Curley (0-2), 14 Morris Roe, 15 Senan Flanagan (0-1).  

St. Barnabas: 1 Matt Schumacher, 2 Michael McBrian, 3 Niall Croke, 4 Adrian Wynne, 5 Shane O’Neill, 6 Conor Hogan, 7 Eddie Hogan, 8 Shane Hogan (0-1), 9 Brian Givney (1-0), 10 Tom McGovern (0-3), 11 Sean Reilly (1-2), 12 Liam Deane (0-2), 13 Dion Narney, 14 Brian Dennehy (1-4), 15 Mike Travors (1-4). Subs: Kevin McArdle, Rory O’Neill.  

Man of the match: Brian Dennehy (St. Barnabas).

Referee: Paddy Donoghue.