What if Ireland wasn’t Ireland anymore? That would suit Sinead O’Connor just fine.

In fact the singer told an Irish radio show on Friday that the 32 counties should be reunited and renamed something else instead.

“We can’t have sovereignty until we’re one country on paper. It’s been a sin to even discuss it,” she said.

“I think it would be great if it wasn’t Ireland or Northern Ireland. If it had a new name, if it was a new country altogether.”

Sinead said she was joining Sinn Fein a few months ago but party members dissuaded her, feeling she’d be too constrained.

“They persuaded me that I'd be bored s***less, pretty much waiting for them to get into government before being able to help generate any national discussion on the issue of ending partition,” she said.

"It was said to me that people like myself are more useful 'working alongside' since we can say what we like."

Sinead, recently returned from a tour of Australia, is in a fightin’ mood with regards to her homeland.

“I think we should dissociate from the past, all the wars, all of this b******t. We need a revolution and we need to take ownership of our country. The government is not going to do that,” she said.

But don’t ask her to get it started. “I’m not a planner of revolutions,” she said.