Sinead O’Connor is having a tough time these days. She had a hysterectomy last month which has proven difficult to recover from, and now she’s battling with her siblings to such an extent that she’s threatened one of them, writer Joe O’Connor, with legal action.

Sinead is pouring her grief onto her official Facebook page, and it’s a sad read. From pleading with someone to help her heal from the surgery, to revealing that she’s now in a psychiatric hospital, the poor thing is crying out for help.

Apparently something is going on with her two young sons, one of whom has been ill for a while. Joe O’Connor sent his sister an email that threw her over the edge, she says.

“Once again Joseph, you've driven me into suicide prevention treatment. Congrats. How you imagine your brutal and cruel and abusive and dishonest and psychotic e-mails could have helped my son (whom by the way you've never bothered your arse with) is beyond me. In fact they have destroyed his mother. You have rendered me incapable now of parenting either of my children,” she wrote in an open letter last week.

“And the only way I am going to manage not to kill myself as a result of what you have done is by staying in suicide prevention. Well done.”

Then she followed up by copying a letter her legal team sent to Joe O’Connor and their sister Eimear, alleging that they slandered Sinead and that a libel suit will be pursued.

Sinead has been up and down so many times in her life. Posting so much on social media can’t be good for her mental health, so hopefully whoever is treating her will insist that she stops for the good of herself and her kids.