VH1’s popular Storytellers series returns on January 24, and it’ll be live from Dublin with Ed Sheeran, a Brit by birth but a professed lover of all things Irish who spent lots of time in Ireland with his grandparents.

The venue is Whelan’s, a tiny spot perfect for the intimate vibe of Storytellers, which is allowing all of this season’s featured artists to pick a special place where they’d like to perform. A Damien Rice show at Whelan’s long ago, it turns out, made Sheeran, 23, want to be a performer.

“It’s amazing to come back to perform at a place that means so much to me personally,” Sheeran said in a VH1 press release. “I was only about 11 or 12 years old when I saw Damien play at Whelan’s, and that night literally changed my life. The time he spent talking with me after the show made all the difference. It inspired me in a way that I only hope to do for someone else.”

The show will air live here at 7 p.m. Sheeran’s Irish fans are going crazy trying to secure one of the coveted tickets – Whelan’s only seats 400, so seats are impossible to come by.

The club has been inundated with requests from fans willing to do anything, even working for free as staff on the night. Whelan’s announced ticketing details on its Facebook page on Tuesday.