There are bound to be more than a few readers who are fans of the long-running British soap EastEnders, so here’s some interesting news – the BBC is planning a spinoff based on two of the show’s most popular characters, Kat Slater Moon and Alfie Moon, with the setting somewhere in Ireland.

The six-part series doesn’t have a name, and will start filming in Ireland in the fall. The location could be Dublin or another big city, or maybe even a small Irish village. Either way, there’s great excitement over the move across the Irish Sea.

“In the next few weeks on EastEnders viewers will witness huge twists for Kat and Alfie that will change their lives forever. My team here are very excited about creating a whole new drama that stands apart from EastEnders while taking our style of storytelling to a place of stories, myth, secrets and immeasurable beauty,” the show’s executive producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins, said.

"Now is the perfect time to take two of EastEnders’ most beloved characters out of their comfort zone as they head to Ireland to search for answers to some very big questions.”

EastEnders is one of those classic soaps where you can watch for a few years, drop off for another few and pick up again like you never left. PBS station WLIW21 based on Long Island airs EastEnders every Tuesday for an hour at 10 p.m., even though the episodes are like 100 years behind at this point.