FROM the shallow end of the gene pool comes the IRA lunatics. The bomb that killed Catholic PSNI Officer Ronan Kerr from Omagh was followed by Facebook postings gloating over his death.

Now I realize these throwbacks aren't employable, but if they are, will they be fired from their menial jobs? Or is that honor just reserved for Loyalists?

These Fenian war criminals who hide behind masks and plant bombs in the middle of the night are taking a tip from their comrades in the Provies.  And just how can Sinn Fein/IRA talk about “moving on” when they themselves glorify sectarian terrorism?

Comrade Martin McGuinness gave the oration recently for 24 IRA criminals in the grounds of the Ti Chulainn Center in Mullaghbawn.  At this hate fest the Shinners had young children dress up in paramilitary uniforms with masks and carrying guns.  Republicans of all stripes are very sick, demented animals.

The “dissidents” can now continue their drug dealing and shooting people in Dublin who won't pay them protection money, among other criminal activities.  In that sense they are true “Republicans.”

So another blow was struck for “freedom” in the name of the Irish people.  Republicanism is truly a mental disease.

John Gregg
Pleasantville, New York