There was a fascinating piece in The New York Times last week about the glee in Silicon Valley over the failure of Steve Jobs, the movie about the life and times of the Apple co-founder.

Well…maybe the geeks shouldn’t get too excited just yet. True, Steve Jobs collected peanuts at the box office – not even $18 million domestically after a release date in early October – but its Irish-German star, Michael Fassbender, was just named as Best Actor by the Los Angeles Film Critics for his star turn as Jobs.

“That’s a shot in the arm this film needed …This is a possessed performance that groups simply have to remember down the stretch,” Variety reported.

There was all kinds of awards hype in the weeks before Steve Jobs was released, but then nobody took notice once the film was in theaters. And Silicon Valley bigs who thought the film amounted to nothing but a rotten apple jumped for joy.

“What was also surprising was how veteran technology journalists took issue with the film’s depiction of Mr. Jobs. They attacked the film and its makers like piranha that had just come off a two-week juice cleanse,” the Times wrote.