Triple Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis fiercely protects his personal privacy, so it’d be interesting to know what he thinks about the rap video that his eldest son, Gabriel Kane Day-Lewis, just made.

Gabriel – who styles himself as Gabe Day – revealed in the video for his rap titled “Green Auras” that he’s bipolar and likes to smoke pot – a lot of it, if the video is anything to go by.

The 18-year-old certainly has smarts – he’s a student at the prestigious Sarah Lawrence College in New York. He was joined by several college buddies in the video for his song, which was produced by hip hop artist J. Cole.

“Call me Gabe Day and not Gabe Day-Lewis. Cause if you’re trying to call me out, I’m going to Gabe Day-Lose It! I know what my name is and I know what fame is. Judging someone for their dad is just as bad as being racist,” rapped Gabe, who clearly needs some perspective from real victims of racism.

The teen, whose mother is French actress Isabelle Adjani, rapped about his prior drug use and his discovery that he’s bipolar.

“I find out that I’m bipolar, now I wear it like a badge,” he raps. “I was on a bad path. I did too many drugs. Felt like coping on my own when all I needed was a hug. I had a bad trip, re-evaluated my life. Thank god I survived ‘cause now it’s easier to smile.”

The rap is kind of catchy – and there’s no denying who Gabe’s dad is, as he’s the spitting image of his father.

Check it out under Gabe Day Lewis on YouTube.