One North Kerry road is left in such an appalling state by cows every day that a family in the area are now considering moving out.

William Fitzell, of Kilcolgan in Tarbert, says he is so frustrated by the lack of action over the state of the road by his home he is seriously thinking about moving entirely from the area.

Slurry slicks the road that runs past his home between Ballylongford and Tarbert continually, the result of milking nearby as cows cross the road several times a day.

Despite having contacted farmers over the issue, Fitzell says that is clear to him now the problem will require an intervention from Kerry County Council.

Unfortunately, he claims the council is simply not returning his calls, and after years of trying to get some assurance of its help on the issue he is on the point of giving up.

"It's a health and safety issue here and has been for years although it is particularly bad this year with all the rain," Fitzell said.

"My car is covered in slurry by the time I get home and it continues dripping off for ages in a health hazard to all of us, but particularly my two-year-old grandson.”

A solicitor's letter he sent the farmer he believes responsible for the mess had zero effect last year.

He believes the onus is on farmers to ensure any public roads they use as highways for cattle are left in a clean state, even if that means the farmer has to clean the road after taking cattle across it.

"We’re just sick and tired of it and I believe it can only be addressed by the authority but for some reason they don't seem to want to deal with it and I can't think why for the life of me,” Fitzell said.

"Surely this is against the law? All it would take is for people to clean up after them. That's all I'm asking for."