I LOVE when Cormac MacConnell comments on the state of American politics, despite the readers who wrote in protest in last week’s issue.

He has every right to analyze the influence of Sarah Palin on our political scene because, as Cormac says, what the U.S. does affects every country in the world.

And let’s face it, anyone who thinks that Sarah Palin has even an ounce of what it takes to lead our country after 2012 must have rocks in the head bigger than the ones that reside in Palin’s head.

This woman is a traveling trashy reality show. She is simple and under-educated but very dangerous because she seems to have a spell-binding influence over a large swathe of voters.

I predict she will never run. I have watched the GOP debates and she would be totally out of her league. She knows nothing about the economy, foreign policy or anything else.

Yes, it’s fun to watch and listen to all of her gaffes. But she won’t run for president. Even she knows that she’s way out of her league, but she’ll keep the charade running for as long as she can.

Why? Money of course. The more she’s out there the more she can make.

Even her daughter who just left her teen years is hawking an autobiography now. This girl is uneducated so she doesn’t have much to say, but like her mom she’s good at attracting headlines – when you have nothing else going for you bash the McCain family, which unfortunately brought the odious Palins out from under their Alaskan rocks into the national spotlight.

Cormac MacConnell clearly sees that Palin is a moron. And he’s far from the only one who thinks so.

Margaret Carey
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania