Deep condolences to the fans, friends and family of the Celtic Thunder crew as they deal with the tragic loss of principal singer George Donaldson. He passed away at his home in Glasgow, Scotland of an apparent massive heart attack before St. Patrick’s Day. Donaldson leaves behind his wife Carolyn, and his daughter, Sarah, 13, who he described as the “light of my life.”  

Each lad in Celtic Thunder plays a character, and George’s was the elder, steady statesman. From the moment his beautiful and clear voice added new dimensions to Christy Moore’s “The Voyage” on the first show, Donaldson was truly the most authentic voice amid the glitz and pageantry in the Celtic Thunder production. His version of Phil Coulter’s “The Old Man” never fails to bring audiences, including this fan, to tears.
“When starting Celtic Thunder, I wanted to cast a mature, dependable man as one of the characters,” Celtic Thunder producer Sharon Browne said in a statement.

“Over the seven years since, I learned that George Donaldson was the embodiment of such a man. A pleasure to work with. I am devastated at his sudden and untimely death.” May he rest in peace.