Colin Farrell is super-busy these days. He was at the Cannes Film Festival last week to promote his new film The Lobster, which received some pretty decent reviews from the critics, and Colin was singled out in many of them for particular praise.

Movie website IMBD says The Lobster is set “in a dystopian near future, [where] single people are obliged to find a matching mate in 45 days or are transformed into animals and released into the woods.”

Sounds strange? Yep. Even Colin thought so, but he told the website Deadline he was blown away by the story.

“It’s so unusual. When I read the script I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

The Lobster, which co-stars Oscar winner Rachel Weisz, was filmed on location in Co. Kerry. Variety magazine is a big fan, calling the film “ a wickedly funny, unexpectedly moving satire of couple-fixated society.” Farrell, the mag adds, “once again proves that hangdog vulnerability, rather than rakish heroism, is his strongest suit as an actor; he’s the porous lead this potentially airtight construction needs.”

Good for Colin. Things seem to be really coming right for him, career-wise. He’ll also star in the second installment of HBO’s acclaimed series True Detective, which bows on June 21.

Making The Lobster in Ireland was the added benefit of a role that Farrell coveted, he said.

“I seem to find myself every two or three years shooting something at home,” he told The Irish Times at a Cannes press conference. “It’s always a joy. It’s not by design. I’ve just been fortunate that things have come across my path. Where we shot in Sneem in Co. Kerry was an absolute joy. It’s a very particular place.”