He's got plenty of (tiger) Irish blood thanks to his dad Martin Sheen, whose mother was a native of Borrisokane, Co. Tipperary, but Charlie Sheen didn’t visit Ireland last weekend -- with a porn star in tow -- to research his roots.

Sheen zipped over to Dublin to watch his friend Slash, best known as the guitarist in Guns N’ Roses, play a couple of shows at the Olympia Theater.  He also showed off his latest pornfriend Georgia Jones, 25 and already a star in the adult film world thanks to her roles in fare such as Hogtied Honeymoon, Bound Girls Get Fondled and Lesbian Riding School.

Naturally Charlie exhibited his usual off the wall behavior in his ancestral homeland, tweeting pictures of himself in his Four Seasons hotel room posed like Jesus (with the line “and on the 1st night Jesus saved Ireland”). He also smiled nicely for the Irish paparazzi and made friendly with his Irish fans.

On Sunday night Charlie hopped on the Olympia stage to introduce Slash, and the audience went wild.  “You sound like you’re all winning,” he said, employing his favorite catchphrase used during his crazy phase a couple of years ago (some would say he’s still bonkers, but we digress . . . )

He came to Dublin for three reasons, he told Slash’s fans – “to remind Colin Farrell I’m still alive,” “for a pint of the finest Guinness our ancestors brewed,” and to introduce “the greatest guitarist in the history of sound.”

After the show, Irish tabloids reported that Charlie, his goddess and Slash hung out at the celeb club Lillie’s Bordello, and had staffers there fetch McDonald’s for them.  He and Georgia departed on Monday, but not before leaving a string of bizarre tweets behind.

“trying to leave Ireland. Customs pretty strict. c hash tag RaneDeerGames hashtag Kiss me I'm ☛✌☚,” read one Sheen special, while another said, “in an Irish blackout we bring the love and (NkAge-style) Bitchen-Ah-noo, to the land of Green Gluiness and Blarney Ferrills! c #WHAT?”

What is right! At least Georgia was a bit more coherent. “His best behavior still makes front page news. Now that's what I call a bad boy! xo cute ,” she tweeted on Monday, attaching a picture of the front page of Monday’s Irish Independent featuring her man and herself.

Charlie Sheen and pornstar girlfriend Georgia Jones partying in DublinWENN.com