I RELUCTANTLY send this letter to inform you I will no longer renew my subscription to the Irish Voice.

I have been loyal for many years, but the final straw came in the January 19-25 issue, with Tom Deignan’s misguided attempt at humor in his “Sidewalks” column.  His remarks about the Holy Eucharist did me in.

As a believing Catholic, I regard Holy Communion as the real presence of the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. It is the most sacred presence in the world, and it is above humor or ridicule. Period!

Deignan’s reference comparing Communion wafers to Doritos is beyond the pale. This is where I draw the line.

I know that the Irish Voice devotes an inordinate amount of space to church bashing, and I have tolerated it in the past because I truly enjoy the paper, but enough is enough.

I will miss getting news about Ireland, Cormac MacConnell, the editorials and “Periscope,” as these pieces are very insightful.

I am sorry, and I hope in the future you will be more sensitive in your reporting.

Robert O’Reilly
Joliet, Illinois